Financial Wellness

the value of financially fit employees

Does your company culture value happy, healthy, high-morale employees? For better or worse (and unfortunately, it’s mostly for the worse), your employees personal finances affects their attitude, productivity, and job satisfaction. Their happiness or unhappiness is contagious and impacts your entire workforce. Empower your employees to make smarter choices in their personal life and watch it carry over into your bottom line.


I can customize my eight hour program to fit your company. Most often, it’s done over lunch and learns, once a week for 4 to 6 consecutive weeks, depending on the length of the lunch.

In this time, participants will get organized, create a budget, learn to track expenses, create healthy spending habits and learn all about credit and getting out of debt.

They’ll improve their relationship with money, and become savvier when dealing with banks and other financial institutions.

I do not discuss investments or help with credit repair (although this work will definitely improve their credit scores).


How this works

  • The ideal group size is 10 to 25 participants. Multiple, simultaneous programs are run for larger companies and organizations.
  • Participants do not need any technical education or financial background. They will need about one hour a week, outside of work, to bring their systems to life.
  • Materials are provided. They include all the handouts, worksheets, slide deck print outs, and a complete organization kit that will house and track everything they need to implement the system.
  • Participants will have email access to me throughout the program.  Weekly one-on-one coaching and accountability is an available, optional add-on to the program.
  • I am loosely bilingual so Spanish speaking participants who understand English can successfully participate in the program.
  • A meeting room with desk space for each participant must be available for each session. I can bring my own projector if one is not available on-site.

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