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Let's inspire your audience to get financially fit.



How to manage the money you don’t have: Why you need to become financially fit when you have no money

Why financial fitness comes first. There will never be enough money if you can’t control spending or fend off hedonic adaptation and lifestyle inflation.

Mindful or thoughtlessly: How do happy, successful people really spend their money in business and life?


The 5 part financially fit test and how to pass it every month (5, 120 min sessions)

Create a system for handling mail, bills, and paperwork so that you never pay a bill late or miss a deadline again (60 min session)

Create a personalized expense category list to keep track of for taxes and financial fitness       (60 mins for personal expenses; 90 minutes for business expenses)

Create a S.A.V.E. Budget for your personal finances (minimum 60 mins)


Budgeting, reducing wasteful spending, maximizing profit, running a reduced-stress business, the role of technology in managing our money, money & happiness, your relationship with money, teens & money, what financial literacy means

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