“very practical strategies to improve my relationship with money”

As an instructor, Chelsea provides complex info in a format that makes it easy to understand and relate to. As a coach, she has impeccable follow-up and offers workable strategies for getting unstuck. She helped me understand the emotional and esoteric parts about money and offered very practical strategies to help improve my relationship with money. I now have the practical tools to manage and direct my money. Chelsea, thank you for making it feel safe to talk about finances and money. Your  approach truly helps demystify what the industry makes so complicated. If you are considering working with Chelsea, don’t wait. My only regret is that I wish I would have started working with her sooner.

“I am more comfortable and confident”

I felt very comfortable and inspired by Chelsea’s style of teaching. It was always fun even when the tasks seemed daunting. I am finally aware of my finances now. I had a tendency to ignore past due statements and calls from bill collectors. Now that I have a plan I don’t feel so overwhelmed by paying back what I owe. I am more comfortable with money, more confident in my spending, and have actually begun to save on a monthly basis. Chelsea creates a safe, comfortable space to be real about common misconceptions about money and how to change negative emotions about them.

“I am now excited about my financial future”

Chelsea is a very effective teacher and coach. She marries her knowledge of finance and positive life experience in order to reach and identify any blockages and fears that kept me from reaching my financial goals. Chelsea has an ability to elicit the drive to dream bigger and think bigger – to move past our perceived limitations. Since working with Chelsea, I have lowered my debt, paid off two credit cards, and increased my savings. I am now a conscious spender where before I was spending unconsciously. I am now excited about my financial future. Being in the field of personal development most of my adult life, I was amazed to discover new areas which were opportunities for growth. This work is empowering on many levels – emotionally, spiritually, practically, change of mindset and limiting beliefs!

“I am in control”

Chelsea is knowledgeable and approachable. And very thorough. Chelsea helps get to the core of your money issues. Before Chelsea, I was not aware of where my money went. I always thought I had only enough, but now I am very aware that I have more than just enough, with just being aware of my expenses. I am no longer afraid to see my bills. I am in control of my money. I love money and money loves me!

“The blend of the practical and emotional aspects of money was exactly what I needed”

This work has truly changed my life and my financial path. I used to see money and financial wellness as something I would never be able to fully understand, but now, no lot only am I focused on money constantly, I’m enjoying doing so! I now feel empowered in my spending, saving, and investing choices. I am no longer making unconscious financial decisions, and have set clear strategies and milestones. The blend of the practical and emotional aspects of money was exactly what I needed because I don’t believe I’d be successful without both elements. I’m surprised by how this has affected all aspects of my life. I’ve decluttered my house, feel more confident at work, and strengthened my relationships with family and friends.

Adriana R.
“empowered to sustain my lifestyle”

I feel so free from the guilt and shame of my relationship with my money. I now appreciate and feel empowered to have one and use it as a tool in maintaining and sustaining my lifestyle. What surprised me most, and this is embarrassing to say but – how easy the process really is.

“what I really needed was a system!”
This work has given me a system and practical tools to take control of my money. I was overwhelmed and tired of reading books with concepts and theories when what I really needed was a system! The program helped me become the boss of my money, and not let money control me.
“this is an eye opener”

I thought I was doing right by my money, but this showed me where I was going wrong and how to correct it. You don’t know what you don’t know and this is an eye opener, but it’ll only work if you’re ready and willing to make the necessary changes.

“communication was always judgment-free and coming from a place of care”

I completely sought out help with this area of my life. I was confident that Chelsea was right person for the job. I completely trusted her with assisting me in their vulnerable area of my life. The communication was always judgment-free and coming from a place of care. I feel like she cares about my growth and is keen to keep accountable. I look forward to each meeting because of the insightful breakthroughs I have almost every time.


How would you describe Chelsea as a teacher and financial coach?

Extremely understanding and genuinely interested in helping me succeed. I feel like I can really accomplish my goals after every session with her.

What was your favorite part of working with Chelsea?

Chelsea brings the most unique sense of calm when she works with you. I naturally talk fast, get distracted easily, and fidget. When she sits down with me, her energy brings me to a state of focus and serenity, which is very important when looking at your finances. I can think very clearly and get done what’s needed in her presence.

List specific ways, if any, that your finances different after working with Chelsea:

I feel so much better about where my money is going after working with Chelsea. I think young people especially often feel guilty when they spend money on things other than food and shelter. We feel like we should be scraping every penny together. She teaches you how to evaluate what expenses contribute to your happiness other than those basic needs, and shows you how to make space for those things, while eliminating the expenses that don’t contribute to your fulfillment. I’ve come out of this work understanding more about what I’m really on this earth to do, because my budget reflects my values.

How has working with Chelsea helped change your relationship with money?

When I don’t understand how to go about something, I avoid it completely. So if my bank account were a house plant, it would have died before working with Chelsea. I barely looked at it, didn’t water it or put it in sunlight. Now having the tools Chelsea has showed me, I am not afraid of going near my house plant.

Anything else you think someone should know, who is considering working with Chelsea

What Chelsea brings is a personal look at what your current relationship is with money, why it is that way, how to evaluate if it’s the healthiest approach, and how to change it. For someone who’s not a licensed therapist, oh boy, does Chelsea know how to shed light on why you feel a certain way about money. Money can be a touchy subject. Allow her in, and let her share some ideas you may have never considered.

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