What you’ve learned about money wasn’t wrong, it just wasn’t complete.

Girl Debt Learning On Computer about how to save money and relieve debt

Maybe you’ve tried to learn about money, and things still haven’t turned out well.

There are few likely culprits: One, the approach was too cookie-cutter. Two, you only partially learned. Three, the knowledge hadn’t turned into habit.

For example, budgeting. The recommended breakdown of how you “should” spend your money is one-size-fits-all. Unless that size fits you, sticking to the budget will be unsustainable. You need a personalized budget that reflects your values and goals.

You also need a strategy to track your spending. Without that, even the most beautiful budget is useless. You need a complete system, not just tips and tactics.

All the knowledge in the world is inadequate unless you apply it consistently. You can’t just track your spending some times and be financially fit. In order to break bad habits and establish new ones, some of us need reminders, regular talks, consistent support and accountability, until one day, the knowledge emanates effortlessly from us.

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