When you’ve mastered business but not money

Man with papers in the air because he understands business but not how to manage money properly as an entrepreneur

There’s a painful realization that nearly all entrepreneurs make one day: just because you’ve conquered business doesn’t mean you’ve conquered money.

In case it helps – you’re not alone on this. Most people think that if they just unlock the mystery to marketing, have impressive sales, and deliver a great product or service, that their bad personal spending habits will get drowned out by cash that overflows their bank account.

Unfortunately, bad habits don’t die easily. They may be swept under the rug for a little while, but soon enough you’ll feel as broke as ever. And now you’ll look rich and have a massive new overhead to sustain. Actually, this situation is worse than broke. You are now living under the crushing weight of lifestyle inflation. Lifestyle inflation is that powerful force that causes our spending to stay ahead of our earnings. It’s a hidden but powerful force, kind of like gravity, that silently bears down on us all whether or not we appreciate its existence. And, thanks to credit, we are constantly encouraged to spend faster than we earn.

Soon enough we’re chasing more and more money, hoping that one day we’ll arrive at F U money, and finally be rid money worries forever.

** Spoiler alert **

That day never arrives. One day you will rumble with your money, and if things go well you will hash things out, come to a mutual respect, and figure out how to peacefully coexist with money. Then – and only then – you’ll understand money and treat it so well, that it will treat you well in return.

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