Why have a financial coach?

Money can be the best and worst part of running your own business. No matter how much we earn, money tends to get away from us. That’s because money is a powerful and dynamic force, one that few of us have built up the muscle to control.

Having a financial coach is like having a personal trainer in a gym. My goal is to develop your financial musculature so that you can make disciplined money choices, and enjoy doing so.

“I am no longer making unconscious financial decisions, and have set clear strategies and milestones.”


Life before and after financial fitness

Agonizing “should-I-or-shouldn’t-I” spending decisions become easy and satisfying. Mindless spending becomes intentional. Modest savings become impressive. Credit card debt becomes a thing of the past. Bills and student loans are paid – painlessly — time.

But even more so — your values become represented in your expenditures. Your bank statements tell the story of a lean, money-making woman, who is enjoying the life she wants to live. Retirement and investment accounts that were once afterthoughts are now funded. You are proud of where you stand financially, and you are able to stand upright throughout the ebbs and flows of your industry, the economy, and even this otherwise frightening political world.

Coaching vs. The Money Industrial Complex

I am a coach. I am not a financial planner, advisor, broker, agent, or money manager. Those professionals earn their living from the commissions they receive on investment and insurance products they sell. I do not make any money off of my recommendations to you.
The only thing I sell is my training services, and some resources that support the training. This way, the true focus of our work is on developing your financial skills and confidence, and not on an eventual sales pitch. I’m also not a tax-preparer, bookkeeper, or accountant, so I don’t handle your money or your taxes. Like an athletic coach, a financial coach doesn’t do the actual playing for you. Coaches teach and guide you, make adjustments to your approach, and hold you accountable so that you can become a superstar at the game of money.

But I will say, if you have financial planners, advisors, brokers, agents, money managers, or accountants – I work well with all of these professions. Our work together will provide you with more money to invest and manage, and the organizational skills we will develop will make preparing your taxes an absolute breeze. Your advisors and accountants will thank you!

How this works

We begin with an over-the-phone session so we can get to know one another. If your goals align with my training and methods, we’ll pick a regular time to meet. We’ll meet for an hour or two every week for about three months. I teach all of my clients the same system (meaning, the same routine set of behavioral habits), but we will begin at the exact point where your finances need our attention the most.

By the end of three months, you and your system will be up and running. My system is designed to help you answer five financially fit questions every month:

1. How much money came in?

2. How much money went out?

3. Did more money come in than go out?

4. Where did the money go?

5. Did the money go where I planned for it to go?

After our first three months is completed, I will check in with you every month for nine months, so that your new habits are engrained, and your financial muscles are fully developed. The entire process takes about a year.

“This work has given me a system and practical tools to take control of my money. I was overwhelmed and tired of reading books with concepts and theories when what I really needed was a system! “

The Catch

We must work on both your business and personal finances. Some entrepreneurs want to work exclusively on their business finances. Often because they subconsciously believe that the purpose of their business is to create enough money so that they never have to face their bad personal habits. This is dangerously flawed thinking for both you and your business, and a deal-breaker for working with me. My goal is for your business and your personal life to thrive. Not for one to cover up the issues with the other. We are building a holistically financially sound personal and professional life, here. Yours.


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Most frequently asked questions

Yes. I help couples and partners get to the bottom of their financial issues. Typically, if there is discord, it’s because of an unstated difference in values. I help couples and partners get on the same page, so that both individuals honor each other’s values, as well as their relationship.

At this time, I’m only taking clients I can meet with in person. Our work is more effective that way. That said, many of my local clients travel a great deal, so I am able to do some sessions by video conference.

I am not a credit repair service, but I can, and do, help clients improve their credit. If you have credit card debt, your coaching will include a debt repayment plan and a tailored approach to paying down your debt. I teach all of my coaching clients the basics on how to build a healthy credit score.
Heck yeah! And I think getting this training before your start your business is the smartest way to go. The system I train you in will teach you to walk before you run, and avoid the mistakes and injuries that people endure when they run businesses without having mastered the art of financial fitness first.
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